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"Passion is the beginning of success." -  Robert Kiyosaki

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About Us

SaaSam was founded in 2008, focusing primarily on Startups, privately held small to medium sized and Enterprise SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Cloud, AI and Mobile Application based Solution businesses, serving multiple markets including Life Sciences, Health Care, Educational, Financial Services, Legal, Insurance, Real Estate and more...

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Committed to providing the highest quality of sales, customer service and support to companies with one objective in mind — impact revenue in a positive, professional and ethical way.

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To serve our customers with world class, high level sales and consultative services. To form lifelong relationships.

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Specialize in SaaS, Cloud, AI
and Mobile Solution Companies

Alliance Partners

Our Alliance Partners are innovative Cloud, SaaS, AI and Mobile Solutions companies who target small to mid-size businesses (SMB’s).


SaaSam’s flexibility and unique approach to training and developing skilled sales professionals creates a market presence that you cannot otherwise afford.​

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vSST Solutions Partner

As a vSST Solutions Partner, our goal is helping you grow your revenues by increasing sales presence without incurring the additional financial burden of hiring and training your own sales organization. By leveraging our team of independent sales professionals you will increase your ability to get traction in your key markets. ​ ​

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Client Portfolio

These are just a few of the customers that have hired SaaSam to help them acquire multiple logos and grow their business.


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